Our Mission

Jump Cut Theater's mission is to help preserve and celebrate the independent neighborhood theater experience and provide a community space for diverse and innovative arts programming while contributing to the economic and artistic vitality of the greater Pittsburgh region.

Our Board of Directors

Susan Mazur, President

Susan specializes in nonprofit consulting and financial accounting.  Her clients have been diverse, from budding nonprofits to thriving small businesses, and she cares deeply about providing Pittsburgh nonprofits with the support they need to fulfill their missions. She has also volunteered as a financial and management consultant with the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, working with nonprofits to develop sound financial and governance processes.  

Steven Haines, Vice President

Steven has been an active participant in the film community in Pittsburgh for over a decade.  In 2016, he founded Flea Market Films microcinema with the idea of publicly sharing audio-visual works from his folk archive.  The scope of Flea Market Films has continued to expand in subsequent years, but the goal has always been to bring to audiences images which might otherwise be neglected by Pittsburgh exhibitors.  Steven brings to Jump Cut Theater a passion for engaging audiences with unique programming, and a belief in the power of gathering people into a space for the communal movie-watching experience.  He has previously completed the Certificate in Photography program from Pittsburgh Filmmakers with a particular focus on photochemical processes, and he is currently studying Film & Media Studies, Studio Arts, and Museum Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Monique Fontaine, Secretary

Monique grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  She earned a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Pittsburgh and a certificate in accounting from Robert Morris University and is a financial analyst at Allegheny Valley School.  In addition to serving on the Jump Cut Theater board, Monique serves as Dormont's Recreation Board Vice President. She loves turning movies into celebrations, and some of her favorites include both Prince's and the King's (Elvis) birthday parties, our Halloween party, Ladies Night, but most of all, The Original Breakfast and a Movie. 

Steve Felix, Treasurer

Steve has backgrounds in video, finance, and computer science, and currently works as a database developer. In 2014, in Akron, OH, he co-founded The Nightlight Cinema, a full time art house cinema serving over 15,000 patrons annually. From 2011-2015 he was head organizer of the Cleveland Game Developers, a 1,600+ member group of software developers and artists. Upon moving to Pittsburgh in 2019, Steve eagerly sought out its independent film offerings, with a continuing interest in the past and future of cinema and community.

Joe Hollowood

Joe has over 25 years of IT experience and his skill set covers everything from systems administration to customer support. He has worked for well-known companies such as Apple and Pixar Animation Studios as well as two successful Silicon Valley startups. Born and raised in Ohio, Joe recently returned from the United Kingdom where he ran his own IT consulting company, which focused on non-profits. He attended Carnegie Mellon University.

Wayne Massey

Wayne is a lifelong fan of movies who cut his cinematic teeth in the Grindhouses of 70's and 80's Times Square.  He relocated to Pittsburgh in 1999 and landed at The Hollywood Theater as a manager.  Wayne brings years of programming and theater management experience to Jump Cut, and in his spare time, he's the drummer for the heavy rock band Molasses Barge.

Paulette Pierce

Paulette is a queer film nerd who has been active in the effort to preserve the art theater community in Pittsburgh for a number of years, an interest that has only increased as the art theater has become more and more of an endangered species. They especially would like to help foster an environment that is welcoming to diverse creators as there are many unique voices in Pittsburgh that deserve to be heard.