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JULY 13th

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For July,

Film Kitchen is serving up a selection of short films created by local artists Brooke Schooles and Rishi Sethi.

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Brooke Schooles worked with musicians Heather Kropf, Emay, and Mast to create three music-related shorts that beautifully match sound and image. 

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Rishi Sethi presents two documentaries: Contours - a story of First Waves and Nut Boys.  Contours intertwines conservation, storytelling through the art of filmmaking, and the sport of river surfing in Western Pennsylvania’s waterways.

In Nut Boys, Sethi and director Patrick Stanny tell the story of a frat bro with a peanut and tree nut allergy as he schools his roommate about the seriousness of living with food allergies and cross contamination.

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Immediately following the screening, our hosts

Matthew R. Day of Film Kitchen

and Steven Haines of Jump Cut 

will lead a Q&A via Zoom after the show!


Film Kitchen and Jump Cut Theater

present this online event free of charge.

The next Film Kitchen is Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Anyone can submit completed works on film or video for the series.  
For more information or to submit work, email host and curator Matthew R. Day 
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