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We have a new name: Jump Cut Theater!

In the News

   In filmmaking, a jump cut is an abrupt transition from one scene to another, giving the effect of jumping forward in time. After operating as the 'Friends of the Hollywood Theater' for the past seven years, we are reorganizing and jumping forward toward our new venture: bringing the independent theater experience to *you*. Our mission is to help preserve and celebrate the independent neighborhood theater experience, and provide a community space for diverse and innovative arts programming while contributing to the economic and artistic vitality of the greater Pittsburgh region.

   To satisfy this mission we will be hosting screenings and events all throughout the Pittsburgh region, with a particular focus on neighborhoods that lack their own theater. Our goal is to continue the diverse, innovative programming we crafted over the past seven years, and sustain the wonderful partnerships we developed over that time. Popular series like 'The Original Breakfast & a Movie' and 'Noir Night Out' will remain, as will our annual 'Twin Peaks' and 'Purple Rain' parties, and we will continue to embrace local and eclectic films. We want JCT to be a roving, home-away-from-home for *all* patrons.

   Please make sure you bookmark our new social media pages, follow us on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook.

   We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our patrons and the community, and we look forward to seeing you at our films and events! 


   -Jump Cut Theater Board of Directors

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